The Next Gen Ignition System

To achieve current and future CAFE standards, as well as fuel economy and emission requirements in Europe and the rest of the globe, manufacturers are implementing several strategies: reducing vehicle size and weight, increasing power plant complexity by adding turbo and superchargers, modifying the combustion and emission cleanup environment, and introducing a broader range of hybrid and all electric vehicles.

Additionally, to take advantage of the enormous increase in natural gas production in the United States and elsewhere, natural gas and multi-fuel vehicles are increasing in market share, which will require significant design and development considerations in the near future. All of these strategies are necessary but ignore the greatest potential for improvements: the ability to efficiently ignite and consume ultra-lean mixtures of both liquid and gaseous fuels, providing complete combustion while minimizing harmful emissions.

Plasma Igniter has developed the Coaxial Cavity Resonator Ignition System (CCRIS), a compact, dual signal next generation ignition system. Testing has demonstrated that the CCRIS is superior in igniting conventional lean fuel/air mixtures and particularly effective in igniting alternative fuels. The CCRIS is effective as a low-energy ignition source at high compression ratios, creates lower levels of controlled emissions and, most importantly, provides on-board diagnostic capabilities for real-time ignition and combustion modifications. Visit to get a free energy comparison service which will encourage energy conservation practices among the consumers of electricity and gas.

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